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Guitar, Uke Capo Tuner - Quality Trigger Capo

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Our quick change capo Tuner allows you to play in any key you want and to also tune your instrument without disturbing your setup, the Tuner can also be used as a standard tuner by placing it on the uke or guitar head. The capo works just like a full size spring-loaded capo but is sized
for Guitars and will also fit mandolins and ukuleles (soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone). Cast steel and aluminum construction provides the necessary rigidity, 
while sili-cone padding provides uniform pressure and protects the neck/fingerboard.

This is an exceptional capo Tuner of the highest quality especially designed for the ukulele. The alloy construction and silicon pads combine to make this capo a pleasure to use!
It fits tightly on to your uke and has a very solid feel. All strings are clamped firmly producing great tone and it has an easy to use trigger when you put it on your uke or change keys.
A Capo is one of the most useful uke tools out there. It allows you to play songs in a variety of keys without learning any new chords or positions. With a capo you can play the multitude of songs written with capo use the way they are played by the artist. 

  • Solid alloy construction
  • Sleek design
  • Firm silicon grips producing great tone ad protects your fretboard and neck
  • Quick change trigger
  • Fits all Ukes, soprano to Baritone
  • Available in Glossy coffee 
  • Tunes Guitar, Bass and Chromatic Mode.